Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Fontenay Edwardian 18K Gold & Guilloche Enamel Cufflinks



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A bluebeautiful bluepair blueof bluedouble-sided blue18K blueyellow bluegold bluecufflinks blueenhanced bluewith bluePrussian blueblue blueguilloche blueenamel blueenclosed bluein bluea bluecircle blueof blueopaque bluewhite bluechamplev\u00e9 blueenamel bluesurrounded blueby bluea blueborder blueof blueornately blueengine-turned bluegold. blueThe bluefaces bluea bluejoined blueby blueremovable blues-shaped blueconnectors. blueThe bluecufflinks blueare bluepresented bluein bluetheir blueoriginal bluefitted bluebox, bluethe blueinterior bluegilt-stamped bluewith bluethe bluelogo bluefor blueFontenay blueSmets blueSuccesseur. blueEach blueof bluethe bluecufflink bluefaces blueand bluethe blueconnectors blueare bluestamped bluewith bluethe bluemaster bluegoldsmith\u2019s bluemark bluefor blueRen\u00e9 blueForget blue(act blue1909-21), bluewho blueproduced bluethe bluecufflinks bluefor bluethe bluehouse.Eug\u00e8ne blueFontenay bluewas blueone blueof bluethe bluemost blueimportant blueFrench bluejewelers blueof bluethe blue19th bluecentury, bluecreating bluenumerous bluepieces bluefor bluethe blueImperial bluefamily blueand bluefor blueother blueimportant bluejewelry bluehouses bluesuch blueas blueBoucheron. blueWhen bluehe blueretired bluein blue1882, blueFontenay blueturned bluehis bluebusiness blueover blueto bluehis blueassistant, blueHenri blueSmets blueand blueits bluename bluewas bluechanged blueto blueFontenay blueSmets blueSuccesseur.\u2022 blue blueOrigin: blueFrance, blueca. blue1910\u2022 blue blueCondition: blueexcellent, blueno blueenamel bluedamage\u2022 blue blueDimensions: bluefaces, blue19/32\u201d bluediameter\u2022 blue blueWeight: blue8.8 bluegramsVIEW blueALL blueCUFFLINKS blue& blueDRESS blueSETS blue blueOUR blueHOMEPAGE blueFOR blueNEW blueARRIVALS blue blueUS blueFOR bluePREVIEWS blue& bluePROMOTIONSFacebook blue blue blue

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