Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaves, Nandina necklace ... antiqued silver / pyrope garnet / art nouveau festoon



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Full sfetsy teamknee-deep sfetsy teamlies sfetsy teamthe sfetsy teamwinter sfetsy teamsnow, sfetsy teamthe sfetsy teamstillness sfetsy teamonly sfetsy teambroken sfetsy teamby sfetsy teambranches sfetsy teamthat sfetsy teamhold sfetsy teambursts sfetsy teamof sfetsy teamred, sfetsy teamjuicy sfetsy teamwinter sfetsy teamberries.This sfetsy teamdetailed sfetsy teamArt sfetsy teamNouveau-esque sfetsy teamfestoon sfetsy teamfeatures sfetsy teamscrolls sfetsy teamand sfetsy teamspires sfetsy teamframed sfetsy teamby sfetsy teamtwo sfetsy teamholly sfetsy teamsprigs. sfetsy teamThe sfetsy teamantiqued sfetsy teamsilver sfetsy teamrolo sfetsy teamchain sfetsy teamholds sfetsy teamcascades sfetsy teamof sfetsy teamfaceted sfetsy teampyrope sfetsy teamgarnet. sfetsy teamThe sfetsy teampendant sfetsy teamhas sfetsy teaman sfetsy teamantiqued sfetsy teampatina.Chain sfetsy teamlength sfetsy teamis sfetsy team18" sfetsy teamplus sfetsy teamextender.Pendant sfetsy teamis sfetsy team2" sfetsy teamlong sfetsy teamand sfetsy team1" sfetsy teamwide.~|~~|~~|~Arrives sfetsy teampackaged sfetsy teamin sfetsy teama sfetsy teamgift sfetsy teambox sfetsy teamand sfetsy teamships sfetsy teamwithin sfetsy team1-3 sfetsy teambusiness sfetsy teamdays sfetsy teamof sfetsy teamreceipt sfetsy teamof sfetsy teampayment. sfetsy teamPlease sfetsy teamsee sfetsy teamthe sfetsy team"Shop sfetsy teamPolicies" sfetsy teamsection sfetsy teamof sfetsy teammy sfetsy teamstore sfetsy teamfor sfetsy teamadditional sfetsy teaminformation sfetsy teamon sfetsy teampayments, sfetsy teamshipping, sfetsy teamgift sfetsy teamnotes, sfetsy teamsize sfetsy teamadjustments, sfetsy teamand sfetsy teamcustom sfetsy teamorders.\u00a9 sfetsy teamElements sfetsy team& sfetsy teamArtifacts sfetsy team2015.

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