Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

locket, Custom photo lightweight resin pendant on link chain necklace Great keepsake memory charm



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This customcustom customphoto customnecklace customis customtoo customcute customfor customwords! customIt customwill customfeature customthe customphoto customor customimage customthat customyou customemail customme customsealed custominside customlightweight customclear customglassy customresin. customIt customis customwaterproof customand customdurable, customand customis customthin customand customlightweight. customThere customis customan customattached customsilver customplated customlink customchain custommeasuring custom18", customlet customme customknow customif customyou customneed customa customdifferent customlength. custom customI customcan custommake customyour customimage customblack customand customwhite, customsepia, customor customuse customit customas customis...I customwill customcrop customand customresize customyour customphoto customto customfit, customjust customemail customthe customimage customto customme customat [email protected] custom customGreat customfor customyour customfavorite customchild, customwedding, custompet, customphoto, customname customit! custom customI customcan custommake customthese customin customdifferent customshapes custom(circle, customsquare, customany customsize customrectangle, customvertical customor customhorizontal) customand customsizes.Upgrade customchain customand customfindings customto customsterling customfor custom$20.Makes customa customgreat customgift! customI customcan customcustomize customthese customto custombe customsquare, customrectangular customvertically customand customhorizontally, customas customwell customas customoval customand customcircular.

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