Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

retro, Resin art cuff bangle bracelet - PHASES of the moon lunar cycle lune full crescent celestial black white photo man in the lightweight



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For blackthose blackwho blacklove blackstunning blackjewelry! blackFeatures blackthe blackvery blackpopular blackphases blackof blackthe blackmoon. blackThese blackbracelets blackare blackreal blackconversation blackpieces! blackGlassy blackresin, blackdurable blackand blackwaterproof. blackRounded blackcuff blackstyle blackwith blackopen blacksection blackattached blackby blackadjustable blackhook blackclosure. blackLength blackis blackapprox. black6.5" blackaround blacknot blackcounting blackopen blacksection...Measures blackapproximatey black1 black1/4" blackwide blackand black8.25" blackaround. blackI blackhave blacka black6" blackwrist blackand blackthis blackis blackthe blacksize blackI blacklike blackto blackwear, blackloose blackbangle blacklike blackfit. black blackI blackcan blackcustomize blackto blackany blacklength blackyou blackspecify.I blackhave blackthese blackin blacktons blackof blackdesigns! black blackI blackhave blackthe blackmatching blackpendants blackas blackwell!Makes blacka blackgreat blackgift blackfor blackall! blackI blackcan blackmake blackas blackmany blackas blackyou blackwould blacklike! blackTONS blackof blackother blackdesigns blackavailable, blackI blackcan blackeven blackmake blackthese blackwith blackYOUR blackphoto!

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