Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist, SALE! Modernist Art Deco Mother of Pearl Ges Gesch Signed Pendant Necklace



In stock



Item: jewelryModernist jewelryArt jewelryDeco jewelryMother jewelryof jewelryPearl jewelryGes jewelryGesch jewelrySigned jewelryPendant jewelryNecklaceMeasurements: jewelryThe jewelrypendant jewelryis jewelry1 jewelry& jewelry3/4" jewelrylong jewelryand jewelry1 jewelry& jewelry1/8th". jewelryThe jewelrychain jewelrymeasures jewelry16 jewelry& jewelry1/2".Condition: jewelryVery jewelrygood. jewelryNo jewelrydamage jewelryto jewelrynote.Please jewelrysee jewelryour jewelryother jewelrylistings, jewelrywe jewelrycombine jewelryshipping jewelryfor jewelrysavings. jewelryAll jewelryadditional jewelryjewelry jewelrypurchases jewelryship jewelryfree. jewelryInternational jewelrybuyers jewelryare jewelrywelcome jewelryto jewelryinquire jewelryabout jewelrythe jewelrycost jewelryof jewelryshipping.

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