Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

spiral, Spiraling Pearls Necklace - Beading Pattern/Tutorial Downloadable PDF



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This beadsdownloadable beadsPDF beadstutorial beadsshows beadsyou beadsstep-by-step beadshow beadsto beadscreate beadsthis beadsspiraling beadspearls beadsbeaded beadsnecklace. beadsThe beadstechnique beadsis beadsvery beadssimple beadsyet beadsa beadsvariation beadsof beadsthe beadssize beadsof beadsbeads beadscreates beadsa beadsbeautifully beadsgraduated beadssizing beadseffect.\r\rSkill beadsLevel: beadsBeginner beadsto beadsIntermediate\rStitches: beadsSpiral beadsWeave\rTime beadsto beadsCompletion: beads5-6 beadshours, beadsdepending beadson beadsstitching beadsspeed\r\rCopyright beads2014 beadsMelissa beadsGrakowsky beadsShippee

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