Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Clematis pin brooch: Largefifties, high luxe early 1960s gold plated and textured clematis flower pin brooch



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A broochgorgeous broochbrooch, broochlarge broochin broochsize, broochdating broochto broochthe brooch1960s. brooch broochIn broochthe broochshape broochof broocha broochtextured broochclematis broochflower. brooch broochGood broochvintage broochcondition.2.3 broochinches broochwideFREE broochSHIPPING broochto broochmost broochof broochthe broochworld!+\u00a35 broochflat broochshipping broochfee broochto broochUSA, broochNZ broochand broochAustralia(all broochother broochdestinations broochfree)UK broochorders broochover brooch\u00a310 broochtracked broochas broochstandardInternational broochorders broochover brooch\u00a330 broochtracked broochas broochstandardFor broochall broochother broochorders broochadd broochtracking broochfor broocha broochflat broochrate broochof brooch+\u00a36 broochworldwide

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