Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cuff link, Pink Tone Metal Rose Filigree Cuff Links



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These ovalare ovalvery ovalold ovaloval ovalshaped ovalcuff ovallinks. oval\r\rThe ovalcuff ovallinks ovalare ovalmade ovalof ovala ovalpink ovalmetal, ovalthat ovallooks ovalvery ovalmuch ovallike ovalthe ovalcolor ovalof ovalrose ovalgold. oval\r\rThey ovalare ovaloval ovalshaped ovaland ovalhave ovalan ovalelaborate ovalcarving ovalof ovala ovalrose ovalat ovalthe ovalbase ovalof ovalthe ovalcuff ovallink. ovalThere ovalare ovalpivoting ovalbacks ovalfor ovaleasy ovalwear. oval\r\rLinks ovalmeasure ovalabout oval1/2" ovalwide. oval\r\rThey ovalare ovalworn ovaland ovalhave ovalsome ovalexpected ovalpatina, ovalbut ovalthey ovalare ovalin ovalgood ovalvintage ovalcondition. oval\r\r*We ovalare ovalalways ovalwilling ovalto ovalship ovalInternationally! ovalPlease ovalmessage ovalus ovalfor ovala ovalquote*

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