Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bold, Demi Parure Necklace and Earring Set in Crazy Lace Agate and Pewter



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Sara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueThis bluedemi blueparure, blueor bluetwo bluepiece bluematching blueset blueof bluejewelry, bluefeatures bluecrazy bluelace blueagate bluepuffed bluesquare bluebeads, bluedrilled blueen bluepointe, bluethat bluehave bluebeen bluedyed bluea bluecalypso blueblue. blueSeparating blueand blueaccenting bluethe bluestones blueare bluepuffed bluecoin bluepewter bluebeads bluein bluea bluebold, blueantiqued bluesilver blueplated bluefinish. blueThe bluecentral bluedesign bluespans blueeight blueinches blueand bluethe blueoverall bluenecklace bluelength blueis blue18 blueinches. blueThe blueintegral bluechain blueis bluesilver blueplated bluesteel bluefor bluea bluelight blueyet bluestrong bluehold bluean blueis bluefinished bluein bluea bluesimple bluespring bluering blueclasp. blueThe blueearrings blueare blueset blueon bluesilver blueplated blueleverback bluefindings blueand bluemeasure blueapproximately blueone blueand bluethree bluequarters blueof bluean blueinch blueon bluethe bluedangle. blueThe blue3mm blueseparator bluebeads blueare bluesterling bluesilver.I bluewill blueship bluethese blueyour blueway bluethe bluenext bluebusiness blueday bluevia blueUSPS bluefirst blueclass bluemail bluewith bluea bluetracking blueID bluenumber. blueSara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueYour blueDesire blueis blueOur blueDesign.

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