Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swirly, Turquoise bohemian brass upper arm bracelet



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Upper leafarm leafbracelet leafmade leafin leafbrass leafwire leaf& leafturquoise leafhowlite leafgemstone. leafGemstone leafcan leafbe leafslightly leafdifferent leafin leafpattern leaf/ leafcolor: leafevery leafstone leafis leafunique.Select leafthe leafupper leafarm leafcircumference, leafso leafI leafcan leafadjust leafthe leafbracelet leafif leafneeded.Handle leafwith leafcare.Colors leafmay leafvary leafdue leafto leafyour leafmonitor leafsettings.Bracelet leafis leafadjustable.My leafwebshop: leaftime leafafter leafshipped:europe: leaf2 leafweeksoutside leafeurope: leaf4 leafweeksPackages leafare leafshipped leafwithout leaftracking leafnumber leaf& leafat leafthe leafbuyers leafown leafrisk leaf( leafso leafI'm leafnot leafresponsible leaffor leaflost, leafstolen leafor leafdamage leafitems leaf, leafunless leafyou leafpaid leaffor leafinsurance).Tracking leafnumber leafis leafavailable, leafso leafplease leafselect leafthis leafoption leafwhen leafpurchasing leafif leafyou leaflack leaffaith leafin leafthe leafpost.

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