Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wings, VTG Sterling Scapular 3 way cross St medal Saint Christopher Miraculous Mary Jesus wings religious jewelry necklace pendant birthday gift



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Marked stSterling ston stthe stback st stSIZE: st stapproximately: st stI.0 stinches sttall stby st st0.75 stinch stwide stWeight st3.8 stgrams st. stCONDITION: st stin stgood stto stexcellent stused stvintage stcondition stwith stexcellent stdetails stand stis stsomewhat stpolished stto stsee stthe stdetailing. st st3 stway stscapular stcrosses stseem stto stmore stdifficult stto stfind. st stIt stalso stappears stto sthave sta ststylish stmini stwing stdesign stat stthe stvery sttop ston steach stside stof stSt stChristopher stand stincludes stStanding stJesus stsacred stheart stand streads stSacred stHeart stof stJesus sthave stmercy ston stus stand stthe stother stside sthas stMiraculous stMary stand streads st"O stMary, stconceived stwithout stsin, stpray stfor stus stwho sthave strecourse stto stthee." st stIt sthas stvery sttiny stwords, stso stI'm stassuming stthat stis stwhat stit streads. st stBACK: st stmarked stwith sta sthallmark stand stSTERLING. stFRONT stDETAILS: st stIt sthas stSaint stChristopher, stMiraculous stMary stand stJesus. st stThe stJesus stscapular streads, st"Have stmercy ston stus stsacred stheart stof stJesus." st stMiraculous stMary streads: st stJesus stconceived stwithout stsin stand stthe strest stI stcan stnot stread. st stIt sthas sta stlarge stribbed ststrip stcross stand stbetween stthe sttwo stoval stscapulars stand stanother stmore stthin stcross.BACK stDETAILS: st streads: st stPROTECT stUS stwith stMarion stsymbol stand stMother stMary stand stBaby stJesus. st stMarked stSterling.AGE: st stThis stmay stbe stfrom stWW2 stbecause stit stlooks stto sthave sta stpair stwings ston stit, stbut stI'm stnot stsure. st stAnyone stout stthere stcan sthelp stme stout stwith stthat?FREE stDOMESTIC stSHIPPING: st stincludes stsupport stwith stUSPS stfirst stclass stmail stwith sttracking stand stinsurance. st stmore streligious stmedals stfrom stthis stshop:https://www./shop/thedestinyofthings?ref=search_shop_redirect§ion_id=22934241more streligious stcrosses stand stcrucifixes stin stthis sthops sthere:https://www./shop/thedestinyofthings?ref=search_shop_redirect§ion_id=22934233more streligious stcharms stand startifacts stat stour stother stshop, stHoarderRehab:http://www./shop/HoarderRehab?section_id=12063438and stmore stat stour stthird stshop, stVintageToGoetsy:http://www./shop/vintagetogoetsy?section_id=11532369more stkitschy streligious stmedals stand stsuch, stlike stflicker stand sthologram stmedals stat stour stother stshop stJunkDrawerAndMore:https://www./shop/JunkDrawerAndMore?ref=search_shop_redirect§ion_id=23117144religious stfolk start stmade stby stme:http://www./shop/thedestinyofthings?section_id=12553465List stof stwhat stI stfound stinteresting stabout stScapular stCrosses:1. st stThe stFour stWay stCross sttook stthe stplace stof sta stmonastic stgarment stcalled stthe stscapular.During st stthe st16th stcentury stit stwas stfour streligious stmedals stwere stfused sttogether, stsome stare stfour stovals stfused sttogether, stothers stare stcontained stwithin stan stoval stor stcircle stand stother stinto stcrosses.In st1910 stthe stPope stapproved stthe stuse stof stthe stscapular stmedal stwhich stmust stcontain stthe stMost stSacred stHeart stof stJesus stand stthe stMother stof stGod. stFour stway stscapular stmedals stmeet stthis strequirement.Religious stmedals sthave stbeen stworn stsince stthe stearliest stcenturies. stA stmedal stbearing stthe stimage stof stSts. stPeter stand stPaul stthat stwas stmade stin stthe st2nd stcentury sthas stbeen stfound, stand stby stthe st4th stcentury stthe stnewly-baptized stwere stgiven sta stmedal stas sta stremembrance stof stthe stevent. st stLater stit stbecame stpopular stwhen stindulgences stwere stattached stto stparticular stmedals, stespecially stthe stcruciform stbecause stit stholds stfour. st st stWearing sta stfour stway stscapular stmedal stalso stgives stindulgences, stdepending stupon stthe stlength stof sttime stit sthas stbeen stworn.2. st stWhat stIs sta stScapular?The stfull stsized stscapular stis stworn stover stthe stmonastic sthabit stof stmany streligious storders. stIt stcovers stthe starea stfrom stone stshoulder stto stthe stother stand stis stmade stof stcloth. stThe stlength stof stthe stscapular streaches stjust stabove stthe stfeet stin stthe stfront stand stthe stback.Through st stthe stages stthe stscapular stwas stmade stsmaller stand stsmaller, stbut stthe stmany stdifferent stimages ston stthe stscapular stonly stchanged stdepending ston stthe streligious storder..In st1910 stthe stPope stapproved stthe stuse stof stthe stscapular stmedal stwhich stmust stcontain stthe stMost stSacred stHeart stof stJesus stand stthe stMother stof stGod. stFour stway stscapular stmedals stmeet stthis strequirement.There stare st18 stdifferent stsmall stscapulars:1. stThe stScapular stof stthe stMost stBlessed stTrinity2. stThe stScapular stof stour stLady stof stRansom3. stThe stScapular stof stOur stLady stof stMount stCarmel4. stThe stBlack stScapular stof stthe stSeven stDolours stof stMary5. stThe stBlue stScapular stof stthe stImmaculate stConception6. stThe stScapular stof stthe stMost stPrecious stBlood7. stThe stBlack stScapular stof stthe stPassion8. stThe stRed stScapular stof stthe stPassion9. stThe stScapular stof stthe stBlessed stVirgin stMary st'Help stof stthe stSick'10. stThe stScapular stof stthe stImmaculate stHeart stof stMary11. stThe stScapular stof stSt. stMichael stthe stArchangel12. stThe stScapular stof stSt. stBenedict13. stThe stScapular stof stthe stMother stof stGood stCounsel14. stThe stScapular stof stSt. stJoseph15. stThe stScapular stof stthe stMost stSacred stHeart stof stJesus16. stThe stScapular stof stthe stSacred stHearts stof stJesus stand stMary17. stThe stScapular stof stSt. stDominic18. stThe stScapular stof stthe stHoly stFaceThe stFour stWay stScapular stMedalThe stFour stWay stScapular stMedal stmeets stthe strequirements stof stthe stscapular stset stby stthe stPope's stHoly stOffice. stThe stfour stway stcross stmedal stdepicts stthe stMost stSacred stHeart stof stJesus stat stthe sttop, stHis stHoly stMother stMary stis stat stthe stbottom stof stthe stcross stin stthe stMiraculous stMedal. stNot stonly stdoes stthe stCatholic stfour stway stmedal sthave stJesus stand stMary, stbut stit stalso stincludes stSt. stChristopher ston stthe stright stand stSt. stJoseph ston stthe stleft. stThe stHoly stSpirit stis stin stthe stcenter stof stthe stfour-way stcross stand stOur stLady stof stMt. stCarmel stis ston stthe stback stof stthe stmedal. stThe stOur stLady stof stMt. stCarmel stScapular stis stthe stone stthat stis stthe stmost strecognizable stto stall stCatholics.The stfour stway stmedal stalso sthas stthe stwords, st"I stam sta stCatholic, stplease stcall sta stpriest" ston stthe stback. stThis stis stvery stimportant stin stcase stof stan stemergency stand stthe stperson stwearing stthe stscapular stmedal stis stunable stto stspeak. stHoarder stHistory: st stSo stmuch stinteresting stinfo! st stThis stis sta strequest stfrom stsomeone stwho streceived sta strose stgold stengagement string stand stis stlooking stfor stcopper stor stbrass streligious stmedals stor stcrosses stto stmake sttheir stown stmatching stjewelry!Untold stDestiny: st stI sthope stit stgoes stto stsomeone stwho stuses stit stdaily!Buy stmore stthan stone stitem stfrom stthis stshop stor stour stother stshops stand stget sta stdiscount! stEmail stfor stdetails. stThank styou!more streligious stcharms stand startifacts stat stour stother stshop, stHoarderRehab:http://www./shop/HoarderRehab?section_id=12063438and stmore stat stour stthird stshop, stVintageToGoetsy:http://www./shop/vintagetogoetsy?section_id=11532369Please stfeel stfree stto stask stany stquestions, stmake stan stoffer, stcomment, stleave stfeedback, stleave stinfo stpertaining stto stthis stitem stor strequest stmore stpics. stBefore stpurchasing stplease stconvo stwith stzip stcode stfor stexact stshipping stcosts, stespecially stwith stcombined storders stand stread stshop stpolicies. stMost stshipping stprices stquoted stare stbased ston stUSPS stflat strate stpriority stshipping stwithout stinsurance, stthe stdifference stwill stbe strefunded stfrom stthe sttotal stbased ston stshipping stand sthandling. stInternational stshipping stand/or stinsurance stavailable, stplease stcontact stfor stmore stdetails. stThank styou stfor stvisiting stHoarderRehab's: stThe stDestiny stof stThings!If stthere stis sta ststory stbehind stthe stpurchase stof stthis stitem, stI'd stlove stto stknow stit! stI stam stcollecting stthese ststories, stinstead stof stmore stthings, stas stpart stof stmy stHoarderRehab sttherapy stand stwill stplace stit ston stmy stblog: stThe stHoarder stRehab stBlog: stThe stDestiny stof stThings stor st st570+ ststories stfrom stEtsy stbuyers sthelping stme stwith stmy stHoarder stRehab stjourney! styou stin stadvance stfor styour sttime, ststory stand stpics styou stwish stto stshare!

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