Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brooch, Vintage 1960s Aurora Borealis BROOCH WITHOUT FASTENER (2238)



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Vintage aurora borealis1960s aurora borealisaurora aurora borealisborealis aurora borealisrhinestone aurora borealisbrooch. aurora borealis1 aurora borealis3/4" aurora borealisdiameter. aurora borealisSilver aurora borealistone aurora borealismetal. aurora borealisAll aurora borealisrhinestones aurora borealisare aurora borealisfaceted, aurora borealispresent, aurora borealisand aurora borealisintact. aurora borealisBeautiful aurora borealiscolor! aurora borealis aurora borealisNO aurora borealisFASTENER!!! aurora borealis aurora borealisExcellent aurora borealiscondition. aurora borealisUnsigned. aurora borealis aurora borealisTHIS aurora borealisCAN aurora borealisBE aurora borealisSEWN aurora borealisON aurora borealisA aurora borealisJACKET, aurora borealisPURSE, aurora borealisJEANS, aurora borealisOR aurora borealisATTACH aurora borealisTO aurora borealisA aurora borealisHAIR aurora borealisACCESSORY!! aurora borealis aurora borealisTOO aurora borealisGORGEOUS aurora borealisTO aurora borealisBE aurora borealisTORN aurora borealisAPART aurora borealisFOR aurora borealisPARTS.

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